What is Client in SAP?

What is Client in SAP?

Hi friends, in this post we sill learn about What is Client in SAP?. Client is like an individual system for an instance of R/3.  You can have multiple client for a system.  Each client can represent a different “system”. For example, you have one development box with an instance of R/3 on it. And You have two clients in that instance, one is a development client which is open for customization and changes, the other is the QA client where everything is locked down for testing in this client.

Advantages of Client concept :-

  1. Clients enable SAP SAS providers to install a small number of SAP Systems, but still cater to a large number of customers.
  2. Costs are not only saved by sharing hardware and software but multiple customers also use the same application solution, including administration and support.
  3. Clients help establish your SAP landscape. For instance , you can have a client for the development team , a client for a test team and a production client.

SAP comes with three “standard clients” :-

  1. 000
  2. 001
  3. 066

000,001 and 066 are default clients of SAP that you get at the time of installation and you cannot use it for production.

000 Client :- 000 client in the system as soon as we install SAP r/3 software. This is called master client. Client 000 have pre configurations shipped by SAP.

001 Client :- 001 client is called as configuration client which have all the SAP standard customizing client.

066 Client :- 006 client is called early watch client. This client is a diagnosis service, for solution monitoring of SAP and non-SAP systems in the SAP Solution Manager. Alert may contain Performance issue, average response time, current system load, Database administration,etc..

Also there is other standard SAP client is IDES800 is the IDES client and contains ides test data to use it for the customers.