startsap command not found stopsap command not found

startsap command not found  stopsap command not found

Hi friends, recently I am working on S4HANA 1809, everything goes smooth as always, but during post installation activities I need to restart my sap application. And then I faced this new issue: startsap, stopsap command not found, even i tried to run them from the directory(I think it might be env issue) but not. I google about it and found nothing.

startsap command not found

Then after some surfing I came across this note: Which cleary mentioned that The scripts startsap and stopsap are deprecated and you need alternatives for Systems based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 or higher. The scripts startsap and stopsap used to start and stop SAP systems, are deprecated.

Solution: Instead of using startsap/stopsap, either use SAP Management Console (SAP MC) or the SAP command sapcontrol.

startsap command for nw7.0 and above

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  1. Pawan

    I also faced the same issue in windows. There is no startsap or stopsap. Sapcontrol is giving error: http, https/1.1 unauthorised. I don’t know how to resolve this error. Please help. I have only option of sap management control but I want use that command.

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