How To Install A Instance In SQL Server

How To Install A Instance In SQL Server In this tutorial i will explain you How To Install A Instance In SQL Server.SQL Server instance is a complete SQL server and you can install upto 50 instances in a SQL server 2008 and SQL server 2005 on a machine but you can have only 1 default instance. An

How to select Distinct records from a table in Sql server

In tables some of the columns may contain duplicate values. But you want to list out the (distinct) values of a coloum in that table. The DISTINCT keyword can be used to return only distinct (different) values. First of all create a table. create table dept_test( Deptno int,dname varchar(20),loc varchar(20)) Then insert records into the table you

How to use percentage in Microsoft Excel

To show a number as percent in Microsoft Excel, you have to apply  percentage number format in excel to that coloum. To apply this, select the cell, and then click the Percent button.     When you apply percentage formatting to a cell that already has number , Excel multiplies that number by 100 and adds the