How to install wordpress locally through wampserver

What is WampServer:- WampServer is a easy to use web server package that allows us in configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP on your local machine that act like a live web server.  It is free to download, easy to install. Download wampserver for free from Here. Install wampserver and configure your wampserver. Now download wordpress

Wamp Server Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not perform service action: The service has not been started

In this tutorial i will tell you how to get rid of  this error Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not perform service action: The service has not been started.           To solve this error:- click on wamp server > go to Apache > click on httpd.conf opened

What is difference between Delete and Truncate

What is difference between Delete and Truncate Truncate and Delete both will be used to delete data from a table.Both the SQL statements are used to delete only the data from table but both are differ from each other in many area like syntax, performance, resource uses. Truncate The TRUNCATE command in SQL removes all rows from a

How to Create WordPress Shortcodes

How to Create WordPress Shortcodes In WordPress shortcode is one of the greatest feature that enable you to perform functions inside in a wordpress posts. WordPress shortcodes allow customizing of the layout and inserting certain formatting snippets in your post so quickly. INTRODUCTION:- The basic purpose of using a shortcode is to replace the placeholder

How to get all running process list through command line

To get running processes list on your computer, you can use Windows Instrumentation command-line interface (WMIC) . This tips applies for Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, Window 7, Window vista. Open command prompt (window+R) and type CMD and press enter. Otherwise Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories

What are Triggers in Sql server and types of Triggers

Triggers:- Trigger is a special kind of stored procedure they executes themselves when an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement modifies the data in table. A trigger can query other tables as well and we can create complex Transact-SQL statements. We often create triggers to enforce referential integrity or consistency among logically related data in tables.You

How to create QR code and BARCODE from Wolfram Alpha

Did you know Wolfram Alpha is a answer engine that is good for accessing all kinds of information including statistics and data analysis, socioeconomic data, mathematics, science and a lot more. To generate a QR code follow these steps:- 1. Go to Wolfram Alpha                    LINK FOR