What are Triggers in Sql server and types of Triggers

Triggers:- Trigger is a special kind of stored procedure they executes themselves when an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement modifies the data in table. A trigger can query other tables as well and we can create complex Transact-SQL statements. We often create triggers to enforce referential integrity or consistency among logically related data in tables.You

How to create QR code and BARCODE from Wolfram Alpha

Did you know Wolfram Alpha is a answer engine that is good for accessing all kinds of information including statistics and data analysis, socioeconomic data, mathematics, science and a lot more. To generate a QR code follow these steps:- 1. Go to Wolfram Alpha                    LINK FOR

How to open or Mount a BIN file without a CUE file

In this article i will let you know about my experience. I just downloaded a file from torrent portal. The bundle just have a bin files nothing else in it.When i try to mount this bin file i can’t do that.To overcome this situation I googled and finally i find a solution their.We are not

How to copy Iphone contact in your Windows Computer

In this tutorial i am going to tell you ,How to take Backup or Copy contacts from your iphone to your windows PC. Follow these steps :- 1. Connect your iphone to your windows PC. 2. Now Go to Itunes and click on Your Iphone Mark as shown on below image.        

Default Constraint In SQL Server

Default Constraint In SQL Server DEFAULT constraint is used to insert a default value into a column ,that is predefined by us. Query to create a DEFAULT constraint:- CREATE TABLE sales_order ( Id int NOT NULL, O_No int NOT NULL, OrderDate date DEFAULT GETDATE(),city varchar(50) ) Create a default constraint in already created table:- ALTER