Network Drive In Windows 7

How To Map Network Drive In Windows 7

In this tutorial i will let you know that how to map a network drive in windows 7. We can achieve this by several methods.This make access more efficient and convenient.

From Windows Explorer Way 1:-

1. Open My Computer.

2. Now Press ALT+T and you will see Map Network Drive Option Below Address Bar.

map network drive











3. In the Map Network Drive window, fill out Address or browse for the network share.

map network drive window













4. If the network share has a different login or password, you can use the Connect using different credentials checkbox and fill in your username and password.

5. Click Finish and the drive will map and a new Windows Explorer window will open.

From Windows Explorer Way 2:-

1. Go to your Start Menu and then Right-Click on Computer. Then choose the Map Network Drive option.

map network drive way 2









2. Now follow step 3, 4 and 5 from Windows Explorer Way 1.