iOS 7 Battery Drain Fixes For iPods & iPhone

iOS 7 Battery Drain Fixes For iPods & iPhone

In this tutorial we will learn how to fix battery drain issue in iPods and iPhone which are running iOS7 or you can say iOS 7 Battery Drain Fixes For iPods & iPhone. Their are many factors by which our battery drains.


1. Brightness and Display Timeout: Make sure brightness is not set up too high, and set the timeout duration to 1 minute.

2. iPhone 5/ 5s Airdrop: In iPhone 5, 5s a new feature was introduced “AirDrop”, to share files between you iOS devices.If you are not using it, make sure to turn it off.

3. Location Services: Turn off location services for apps, for which you don’t want to use it.You can do it by going into. Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

4. Push Mail / Fetch Mail: Push Mail and Fetch mail also check for new email frequently, using up data and battery life, setting this to manual will help the battery life of your iPhone / iPod.However some would rather have this feature on.Find the settings in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.

5. Bluetooth and Wifi: If you are not using Bluetooth and Wifi, then turning them off will help improve iOS 7 battery life.