Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer have all new look with IE9 interface. New Internet explorer browser version have improved features and faster than its earlier before.Now You can make web browsing more fast using quick keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer 9 browser. You can perform most essential tasks quickly using the keyboard in IE9.

To download Internet Explorer follow this link:-

Some of the Shortcuts are following:-

Alt Show the menu bar. After the selection menu bar goes away.

Alt+C View your favorites, feeds, and browsing history.

Alt+L Opens Help menu.

ALT+RIGHT ARROW Go to the next page.

ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE Go to the previous page.

Alt+M Go to your homepage.

Alt+X Open Tools menu

Ctrl+T Open a new tab.

Ctrl+B Organize your favorites.

Ctrl+D Add a webpage to your favorites.

Ctrl+J Open Download Manager.

SHIFT+CTRL+TAB Moving between tabs.

Ctrl+K Duplicates the current tab

Ctrl+L Highlight the text in the Address bar.

Ctrl+N Open a new window.