How To Secure Your WordPress Blog

How To Secure Your WordPress Blog

In this tutorial we will guide you through that How To Secure Your WordPress Blog.You just have to follow a few simple steps, that will help you out in securing your blog.

Secure your wp-config.php file

Of all the files on your WordPress, wp-config.php is most important because it contains the password and username for your database.

So how do we make it safer?

Simply log into your website using an FTP client and move the wp-config.php file up a level so that it’s no longer on your website.


Protect your vital directories

Use your robot.txt and .htaccess files to protect directories on your host. This will stop (or at least slow down) hackers from accessing pathways.


Backup Regularly!

We hope that a hacker will never get into your site but if they do, you must be able to recover quickly and that’s where a good backup comes in handy.


Be Updated

Also use Latest WordPress version, that contains a lot of bug fixes.Otherwise we can also use  WordPress Hotfix plugin.


Protect your WordPress account from brute force attacks

We definitely recommend you changing your username if it is still the default “admin,” setting a truly random password is likely to repel any brute force attempt at accessing your site. By truly random I mean a password that shares the following attributes:

  • 8+ characters
  • No recognizable words
  • Numbers and letters
  • Uppercase and lowercase
  • Symbols (e.g. !&@£*)