How to install wordpress locally through wampserver

What is WampServer:-

WampServer is a easy to use web server package that allows us in configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP on your local machine that act like a live web server.  It is free to download, easy to install.

  1. Download wampserver for free from Here.
  2. Install wampserver and configure your wampserver.
  3. Now download wordpress latest version from here.
  4. Extract WordPress on your local directory.
  5. Now copy wordpress total directory and Paste it on your www directory of wampserver.
  6. Now browse your wordpress directory like this http://localhost/wordpress/
  7. Open Phpmyadmin and create a database for wordpress.
  8. Create a user with a strong password and give him privilege accordingly your needs.

Now for all further things to be configure check out the below video.