How to Install SAP HANA Studio

How to Install SAP HANA Studio

In this post we will learn How to Install SAP HANA Studio. SAP HANA Studio is a client tool, which can be used to access remote HANA systems. SAP HANA Studio is an Eclipse-based, integrated development environment (IDE) that is used to connect and to develop artifacts in a HANA server. With SAP HANA studio we can create users to manage the SAP HANA database, to create and manage user authorizations, to create new or modify existing models of data etc.

System Requirements:

JRE 1.8 must be installed on system to run the SAP HANA studio.

Download & Install SAP HANA Studio:

You can download and install Eclipse from Eclipse Neon or Eclipse Mars

Once Eclipse is installed, it will open with welcome screen:

sap hana studio

Install SAP HANA Plugin for Eclipse:

Now we have to install SAP HANA Plugin for Eclipse, to do so. Open Eclipse > Help > click on Install New Software. A pop up will open, enter URL corresponding to your Eclipse.

how to install sap hana studio

and select feature SAP HANA Tools, and click Next. On next screen it will display install display. Click on Next. On next screen accept terms the license agreement, and click on Finish.

It will take several minutes to install all packages. In case you get a warning message, click on Yes. And Finally, restart your eclipse.

Once Eclipse restarted, close welcome screen. on top right side click on Open Perspective and choose SAP HANA Administration Console. Click OK.

how to install sap hana studio

Finally SAP HANA Studio will look like this.

install sap hana studio


Video Tutorial: