How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

In this post we will discuss How to Create a WordPress Child Theme. With little knowledge of css you can make changes to your site to make a more personalized.

What is Child Theme:

Child theme is basically builds onto a parent theme without touching any of the parent theme files. A child theme relies on the parent theme for it’s initial layout, design, features and functions.

Why we use Child Theme:

Because none of the parent theme files are touched, it is always safe to upgrade the parent theme and not have to worry about loosing your custom changes.
Using a child theme also makes it much easier to see what changes you have made. If you added custom changes to a parent theme, then it would be difficult to go back at a later time and remember what all of these changes were.

How To create Child Theme:

1. Create a folder and rename it to whatever you want your child theme to be called.

2. Open the folder and create a file called style.css open it in your Notepad++ or whatever editor you want to use (notepad will do).

3. Add the following code to the style.css.

Theme Name: Theme Name
Theme URI: http://yoursite/yourtheme
Description: A child theme WordPress theme.
Author: Your Name
Author url:
Version: 1.0
Tags: black, blue, white, fixed-width, custom-header, theme-options
Template: twentyten
@import url('../themename/style.css');

Activating Your Child Theme:

After you have created your child theme folder and style.css file, you can upload and activate your new child theme. Uploading and activating a child theme is no different than a normal theme, simply upload it via the Appearances > Themes page in your WordPress Dashboard and activate it.