How To Connect FTP Through Command Prompt

How To Connect FTP Through Command Prompt

Many tools are available for FTP file transfer. However, you also use the command prompt.

To use the Command prompt as like any other FTP tool.Follow the instruction:-

1. Open Command prompt(Window key+R) then type cmd on it and hit enter.

2. Then type ftp “ftp serverame”

ftp command line



3. Now it will ask you for username of the ftp server after username press enter.

4. Now it will ask you for password , after password press enter.

5. Now You log in successfully and you can run commands.


Some more commands used in command prompt for ftp are following:-

ascii Set ASCII transfer type. Use this to transfer text files, such as .htm files. for an excellent discussion of when to use ascii mode and when to use binary mode.
bell Beep when command completed
binary Set binary transfer type. Use this to transfer binary files such as .exe files and graphics.
bye Terminate the FTP session and exit
cd Change remote working directory ( use .. to go to parent)
close Terminate FTP session
delete Delete remote file
debug Toggle debugging mode
dir List the contents of the remote directory
disconnect Terminate the FTP session
get Receive file
glob Toggle metacharacter expansion of local file names
hash Toggle printing ‘#’ for each buffer transferred
help Prints list of commands
lcd Change the local working directory
literal Send an arbitrary FTP command
ls List contents of remote directory
mdelete Delete multiple files
mdir List the contents of multiple remote directories
mget Get multiple files
mkdir Make a directory on the remote machine
mls List contents of multiple remote directories
mput Send multiple files
open Connect to remote FTP
prompt Force interactive prompting on multiple commands
put Send one file
pwd Print working directory on remote machine
quit Terminate FTP session and exit