How To Configure Speed Dial In Android

How To Configure Speed Dial In Android

In this tutorial i will teach you How To Configure Speed Dial In Android.Speed Dial is a very handy feature that let you call a contact by just long pressing a number on the keypad.

1. Launch the Phone app, which is usually placed at the bottom of the home screen.

2. Now when app is opened, tap the menu key on your phone to open the app’s menu, and then choose Speed dial setting to continue.

3. In the Speed dial setting page, choose any number from 2-9 to assign a phone number. Number 1 is for voicemail only.

4. When you click on a number, you will be redirected to the contact list to choose the contact you want.

5. When you find your desired contact, tap on it to assign it to the number. You will then be redirected to the speed dial setting page. Repeat the same procedure to add more speed dial numbers.

6. Now to speed dial the person, open the phone app again, and then long-press on the number to call the person.