hdbuserstore in sap hana

Hdbuserstore in SAP HANA

The secure user store (hdbuserstore) is a tool installed with the SAP HANA client. It is used to store connection information to SAP HANA systems securely on the client so that client applications can connect to SAP HANA without users having to enter the credentials .

By using this functionality client applications can connect to SAP HANA without entering host name or logon credentials. The use of secure user store (hdbuserstore) is recommended whenever you want to automate any task which connect to a database, like Backup with HDBSQL Script.


hdbuserstore in sap hana

Syntax to create key:

hdbuserstore -i set <keyname> <FQDN>:<Port number>@<dbname> <username> <password> 

hdbuserstore -i set scriptuser hana.abc.com:30013 SUSER Admin1234

Update the key:

hdbuserstore list scriptuser 

KEY scriptuser
ENV : hana.abc.com:30013

Now we want to Update the above key with new user & new password, so use it like this.

hdbuserstore set scriptuser hana.abc.com:30013 buser Admin1234

Drop the Key:

hdbuserstore DELETE SUSER

List the key:

Hdbuserstore list

hdbuserstore list scriptuser

Use the key:

hdbsql -d MAN -U scriptuser

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