Difference Between HDBLCM and Resident HDBLCM

Difference Between HDBLCM and Resident HDBLCM

In this post we will discuss about Difference Between HDBLCM and Resident HDBLCM. The SAP HANA lifecycle manager tools are available in two versions; The HDBLCM on the installation media, and the RESIDENT HDBLCM. Both tools are needed and perform different tasks.

HDBLCM is on the installation media /DATA_UNITS/HDB_SERVER_Linux_X86_64 and Resident HDBLCM is on /hana/shared/<SID>/HDBLCM.

What is Difference Between HDBLCM and Resident HDBLCM

HDBLCM on the installation media allows you to:

  • Install SAP HANA and components
  • Update SAP HANA and components

Resident HDBLCM allows you to:

  • Add additional hosts.
  • Configure the inter-service communication.
  • Configure the SLD connection.
  • Rename a SAP HANA system.
  • Uninstall SAP HANA and/or components.
  • Unregister SAP HANA
  • Install/update additional components.

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