CRM 2011 Open in Mobile Version

CRM 2011 Open in Mobile Version

Hi friends, recently I have to prepare a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 server, all things are installed and configured properly. I opened browser and open my CRM url: http://localhost:5555, instead of this it redirects me to http://localhost:5555/m/default.aspx. I tried with google chrome too, and it also gives me same result in both browsers: CRM 2011 Open in Mobile Version.

Earlier we had discussed about MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM 2011 INSTALLATION ERROR: INSTALLATION OF MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ RUNTIME FAILED. EXIT CODE: 5100. RESULT: ASIAMicrosoft.Crm.Setup.Server.GrantConfigDBDatabaseAccessAction failed Windows NT user or group ‘MYDOMAIN\SQLAccessGroup’ not found. Check the name again.Reports cannot be run because the Connector for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, a required component for reporting, is not installed on the server that is running Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

CRM 2011 Open in Mobile Version


Solution for this issue is very simple, we just have to apply latest Update Rollup and this will fix our issue.

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