Create Schema in SAP HANA

Create Schema in SAP HANA

In this post we will learn how to Create Schema in SAP HANA. Schemas are used to categorize tables, views, stored procedures etc.

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Types of Schema in SAP HANA:

User Defined Schema: Schema which are created by user(DBA or System Administrator).

System Defined Schema: Schemas which are delivered with the SAP HANA database and contains HANA system information. There are system schemas like _SYS_BIC, _SYS_BI, _SYS_REPO, _SYS_STATISTICS etc.

SLT Derived Schema: When SLT is configured, it creates schema in HANA system. All the tables replicated into HANA system are contained in this schema.

Script to Create Schema in SAP HANA:


Video Tutorial: