Central Management Server In SQL Server

Central Management Server In SQL Server

Central Management Server In SQL Server designate an instance of SQL Server as a central management server in SQL Server. Central management servers store a list of all instances of SQL Server that is organized central management server groups. Actions will act on all servers in the server group of central management server. By this we can run T-SQL and apply policies on all group by a single query.

Note: Versions of SQL Server that are earlier than SQL Server 2008 cannot be designated as a central management server.

Only members of the ServerGroupAdministratorRole role can manage the central management server.

 Connections that are maintained by a central management server execute in the context of the user, by using Windows Authentication.

Create a central management server:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, on the View menu, click Registered Servers.
  2. In Registered Servers, expand Database Engine, right-click Central Management Servers, and then click Register Central Management Server.
  3. In the New Server Registration dialog box, select the instance of SQL Server that you want to become the central management server from the drop-down list of servers. You must use Windows Authentication for the central management server.
  4. In Registered Server, enter a server name and optional description.
  5. Click Test, to test the connection.
  6. Click Save. The instance of SQL Server will appear under the Central Management Servers folder.