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How To Remove Skype icon from Taskbar in Windows7

when you close the Skype window in Windows7, its icon will still appear in your taskbar.If you look this unnecessary, you can remove this by following tutorial. 1. Launch SKYPE login with your login id and password. 2. Go to Tools > Options Click on image to enlarge   3. Now click on advanced tab.

How To Backup Google Chrome Bookmarks

How To Backup Google Chrome Bookmarks In this tutorial i let you know how to backup Google chrome bookmarks.Follow these simple steps to backup your bookmarks in Google Chrome.  Open Google Chrome browser  Press Ctrl+Shift+O , it will open Bookmark Manager in new window.  Then click on organize then click on export bookmarks to html

How to check your windows system last BOOT time

If you want to Check last boot time of your windows system,then follow these few steps:- Press window logo +R Type CMD in run window and enter. Type Systeminfo in command prompt and hit enter. Wait for some time and you will get your all information as shown in below image.   Click on image to enlarge    

How to get all running process list through command line

To get running processes list on your computer, you can use Windows Instrumentation command-line interface (WMIC) . This tips applies for Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, Window 7, Window vista. Open command prompt (window+R) and type CMD and press enter. Otherwise Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories

How to create QR code and BARCODE from Wolfram Alpha

Did you know Wolfram Alpha is a answer engine that is good for accessing all kinds of information including statistics and data analysis, socioeconomic data, mathematics, science and a lot more. To generate a QR code follow these steps:- 1. Go to Wolfram Alpha                    LINK FOR

How to open or Mount a BIN file without a CUE file

In this article i will let you know about my experience. I just downloaded a file from torrent portal. The bundle just have a bin files nothing else in it.When i try to mount this bin file i can’t do that.To overcome this situation I googled and finally i find a solution their.We are not