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How many types of files in sql server

Sql server mainly consist of three types of files:- Primary File :- The primary data file contains the startup information for the database and points to the other files in the database. User data and all objects can be stored in this file or in secondary data files. Every database has one primary data file.

How to install Sql server 2008

How to install Sql server 2008 A Step by Step guide How to install Sql server 2008, simply and successfully with having prior knowledge. Developers seasoned DBA’s and system administrators find this installation guide useful, . It will tell you the basics required for a typical, problem-free installation of SQL Server 2008.

How To Backup Your SQL Server Database

How To Backup Your SQL Server Database To keep your database safe, we have to take backup of our databases.Their are several type of backup (Full,differential,Transaction log). Full Backup:- A Full database backup creates a stand-alone image of the entire database. A  full database backup is self-dependent and may be restored to either the  same or a

How To Recover Lost SA Password In SQL Server

How To Recover Lost SA Password In SQL Server If you’ve forgotten the sa password for your SQL server, Sure you are in a panic.But Fear not,  you can reset the password and again you have access to sa account by using the New query window in the Management Studio. Open Sql-Server management studio with window authentication. Open New query