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Database Mail in SQL Server using GMAIL

Database Mail in SQL Server using GMAIL In this post i will teach you How To Configure Database Mail in SQL Server using GMAIL.I already discussed about database mail in SQL Server on this post. Today i will let you guide you through a video.

INSERT Trigger in Sql Server

INSERT Trigger Works Sql Server INSERT TRIGGER is a trigger that execute itself whenever an INSERT statement inserts data into any table or view on which the trigger was configured. When an INSERT trigger fires itself, new rows are also added on both the trigger table and inserted table. The inserted table is a logical table

What Is Sql Injection In Sql-Server And How Hackers Achieve It

What Is SQL Injection In SQL-Server SQL injection is a attack which consist some malicious code has been inserted into strings that are later passed to an instance of SQL Server for parsing and execution. Any procedure that constructs SQL statements should be reviewed for injection vulnerabilities because SQL Server execute all syntactically valid queries

How to hide system objects in Sql Server

How to hide system objects in Sql Server Many of us don’t like the existence of all the system tables, objects and stored procedures in SQL Server’s user interface. To get rid of these the system objects. Follow these steps:- Open Sql-Server Management Studio. Now click on the Tools.For reference please find image below. Click on image

What is difference between Delete and Truncate

What is difference between Delete and Truncate Truncate and Delete both will be used to delete data from a table.Both the SQL statements are used to delete only the data from table but both are differ from each other in many area like syntax, performance, resource uses. Truncate The TRUNCATE command in SQL removes all rows from a

What are Triggers in Sql server and types of Triggers

Triggers:- Trigger is a special kind of stored procedure they executes themselves when an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement modifies the data in table. A trigger can query other tables as well and we can create complex Transact-SQL statements. We often create triggers to enforce referential integrity or consistency among logically related data in tables.You