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SQL Server 2012 installation

SQL Server 2012 installation HI friends in this post we will learn about SQL Server 2012 installation. We are installing SQL Server 2012 on Windows 7 Operating system. Earlier we had discussed about Microsoft SQL Server Introduction and Microsoft SQL Server System Databases.

Microsoft SQL Server System Databases

Microsoft SQL Server System Databases In this post we will learn about Microsoft SQL Server System Databases. SQL Server includes the following system databases, every system database has its own importance and responsibilities. System Databases: master Database: Records all the system-level information for an instance of SQL Server. msdb Database: Is used by SQL Server Agent for scheduling alerts

Microsoft SQL Server Introduction

Microsoft SQL Server Introduction In this tutorial, we will learn about Microsoft SQL Server Introduction, SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System developed by Microsoft. SQL Server primary function is storing and retrieving data through applications. Microsoft SQL Server comes in different editions: Enterprise, Buisness Intelligence, Standard, Web, Developer, Express Microsoft SQL Server Components