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How To Password Protect Your .PST Files

Protect Your .PST  Files With Password What Is PST:- PST (Personal Storage Table) is an open proprietary file format to store messages, calendar events, and other items within Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. Password Protection Benefit:- Main concern is security and privacy. If you don’t want everyone else to see your inbox or your calendar entries then you

How to Concatenate Two Columns In Excel

Concatenate In Excel Concatenate:- 1. To connect or link in a series or chain. 2. Computer Science To arrange (strings of characters) into a chained list. More details are hereabout Concatenate is here:- To do Concatenate in Excel follow the following Steps:- 1. In Excel take three columns as taken below.         2. Fill your data

How to Use Mail Merge Feature in Microsoft Word

How to Use Mail Merge Feature in Microsoft Word Mail Merge: – A feature in Microsoft word which enables user to create documents that are essentially the same but contains unique elements such as recipient Name, Address, Contact No, City, State. It helps user to create a document for multiple recipients more easily by just

How to Write Blog Post Using Microsoft Word

How to Write Blog Post Using Microsoft Word In this tutorial I will let you know, that how can you write blog post for your blog using Microsoft word. This is a cool feature; I am also using Microsoft Word to write this blog post. Steps:- 1. Open Microsoft word, Then click on file >New>

How To Hide & Remove Ribbon In Office 2010

How To Hide & Remove Ribbon In Office 2010 Ribbon is a part of Microsoft Office (2007, 2010). It is very useful to quickly find commands you need to perform tasks in  Office. It displays commands into groups.If you are not using ribbon, you easily hide and remove it for more screen space and working area.

Outlook 2010 AutoComplete

Outlook 2010 AutoComplete In Outlook  Auto-Complete feature will show you suggestions for names and emails as you begin to type in either the To, Cc or Bcc field. If you think that feature annoying, please follow this tutorial to  disable it. 1.Launch Microsoft outlook. 2. Go to File > Options.   3. Click on Mail

How to use percentage in Microsoft Excel

To show a number as percent in Microsoft Excel, you have to apply  percentage number format in excel to that coloum. To apply this, select the cell, and then click the Percent button.     When you apply percentage formatting to a cell that already has number , Excel multiplies that number by 100 and adds the