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How To Create User In Linux

How To Create User In Linux In this post we will learn How To Create User In Linux. To create a new user account in Linux distribution use command called useradd. The system administrator is responsible for creating account. Login as root user (or use sudo command). User add Syntax: useradd hightechnology Set Password For

How To Install Linux

How To Install Linux Type of installation: 1. Dual Boot      2. Live CD      3. Fresh Installation       4. Virtual Installation In this tutorial we install Linux(Red Hat) on virtual machine, we are using VM WARE 8.First of all choose your Linux Distribution according to your needs. Following are list of Linux

What Is Linux

What Is Linux Linux is an operating system evolved from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds.To say that Linux is a operating system that it’s meant to be used as an alternative to other operating systems, Windows, Mac OS, MS-DOS, Solaris and others. Linux is not a program or not a set of programs like an office suite. Linux