Apple Declare Instagram App As “iPhone App Of The Year”

Apple Declare Instagram App As “iPhone App Of The Year”

Apple released iTunes Rewind 2011 and App Store Rewind 2011 yesterday, the company annual list detailing for top selling apps, music, TV shows, movies, podcasts and etc. of this year. This year, the winner on the apps was Angry Birds, which ran away with the number one spot on the iPhone and iPad in all categories except top free iPhone app, which was awarded to Facebook.

Apple selects its favorite applications, Instagram, won the honor of being Apple’s “iPhone App of the Year.”

Angry Birds, which is available on iOS as both a paid and free application, not only dominated the year-end lists as the number one download in several cases, it also occupied additional slots on multiple lists for its spinoffs, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

Other games also appeared on this listings, including Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Tiny Wings, Doodle Jump, Plants vs. Zombies and a lot more.

In terms of non-games, consumer-friendly brands like Netflix, Facebook,Twitter, Skype, Kindle, Google plus made the list.

Game of the year went to Tiny Tower (iPhone) and Dead Space for iPad.

Top 10 Paid Apps Of The Year:-                              Top 10 Free Apps Of The Year:-

1. Angry Birds                                                                    1. Facebook
2. Fruit Ninja                                                                     2. Pandora  Radio
3. Angry Birds Seasons                                                     3. Words with Friends Free
4. Cut the Rope                                                                  4. Angry Birds Free
5. Tiny Wings                                                                     5. Skype
6. Angry Birds Rio                                                             6. Netflix
7. Words With Friends                                                      7. Angry Birds Rio Free
8. Camera+                                                                         8. Groupon
9. Doodle Jump                                                                  9. Fruit Ninja Lite
10. Plants vs. Zombies                                                      10. Twitter

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